Practical Steps For When You Feel Overwhelmed

Walking by the oceanTime of transition can bring about moments of feeling stressed, scattered and just plain overwhelmed. Perhaps we are pulled in many directions, perhaps we try to keep up with the demands; what if we can’t get ourselves together, what can we do in these moments? Over the years I found the following steps useful:

– Slow down, breath, and feel the body, any sensation is a good start. This will help you touch in and notice what is going on in your physical body.

– Turn off your phone and computer, then spend a few minutes making a to do list on a piece of paper. This will help your mind focus more on a task.

– Take time out, go for a walk, and pay attention to your feet, the ground you are walking on. If you notice your thoughts spiraling out of control bring your awareness to your surroundings: what do you see, what do you hear, what do you smell, etc. This will help you reconnect to the world.

Overwhelm occurs when we lose connection to our heart, our body, and our sensory experience. We feel overwhelmed and shut down our feelings. By slowing down we become more present, we begin to relax, we open our senses, and we reconnect to our internal energy.

Even when transition time is over most of us continue to experience stress as our society seems to make so many demands on our time and energy. These simple steps, and other tools of ST, can help you find inner balance in times of stress and distress so that you’ll be able to invigorate your life.

© 2012 Maria Stella, PhD. All Rights Reserved.