Maintaining your Balance through Counselling

StatueCounselling offers a way to balance all areas of your life by exploring current issues and emotional patterns. It often appeals to individuals who have a desire to overcome obstacles, to heal, grow and transform their lives. Recreate a life of meaning and learn to discover well-being, creativity, and gratitude within you and share it with those around you.

According to Wolman (2001) effective counselling process includes four steps: noticing, knowing, understanding and action. It begins with noticing, perceiving and sensing an issue internally and externally. How do we experience this issue?

The second step is knowing, synthesizing the issue or experience. How do we link the experience to our past or our internal standards? The third phase is the specific instance of understanding. How do we conceptually elaborate the knowledge that provides insight into the meaning?

The final component is action. Full awareness and choice of implementation through action bring about healing and peace. As you can imagine we need to develop and maintain constant awareness in order to detect any imbalance and readjust ourselves to preserve a sense of serenity, nevertheless this is possible and available to all of us.

Through counselling you can learn how to connect to your internal wisdom and become creative utilizing your intuition and emotions to guide you toward growth and well-being in all areas of your life.


Wolman, R. N. (2001). Thinking with Your Soul Spiritual Intelligence and Why It Matters. New York: Harmony Books.

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