Grieving Process

Sea and skyGrief is a natural response to change. Events, such as death of a loved one or divorce create an overwhelming sense of loss; however, any loss—old or new, big or small can trigger deep feelings of sadness, fear and despair. Grief compounds over time and can strike at any time.

Grief is uncomfortable and uncontrollable. Resisting this experience with all its emotions makes it worse. The grieving process opens up parts of ourselves that were locked inside. These layers of self-protection just want to be acknowledged and accepted. Noticing is healing and allows grief to flow.

During these precious moments it’s important to be gentle and take time to heal the broken heart: slow down, ask for help, let emotions move through, take a break, write a journal, walk in nature are some ways to nurture yourself.

In the end, grief is a truly remarkable process. It opens up to new depths within allowing change and growth to occur. In surrendering to grief we can learn to explore new possibilities and discover what is really important in life.

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