Rebuilding Trust after Trauma

RoseTrust is being able to rely on the integrity, ability, and strength of someone or something; good relationships are built on trust and confidence. Trauma often disrupts trust, and this can have a lasting impact on your life.

Traumatic experiences generally involve a threat to life or safety, either real or perceived, resulting in feeling overwhelmed, distressed, and alone. There are various types of common traumatic events. The cause of trauma calls for different intervention. In natural disaster connections need to be established with fellow survivors to provide mutual support. In relational trauma safety can be found in nature or spiritual connections.

Healing trauma and restoring trust include various activities such as learning relaxation skills, working to a somatic therapist, journaling, taking part in positive activity, joining a support group. These activities will help restore a sense of reliability to your life and help you rediscover trust after traumatic events.

Counselling can help you better understand and change how you experienced trauma and its aftermath. Somatic therapy engages the mind and the body, and works with the intention of changing the brain from experiencing dysregulation—strong emotions, anxiety, fear, doubt—to regulation—peace, calm, connection. This process supports your rebuilding trust in yourself and your world.