Bringing about Change in Your Life

Have you even notice how we look forward to change, yet something in our nature strongly resists it? Change is more like a journey than an event; whether change happens, or we make it happen it’s not easy.

The motivation to change comes differently to each of us. The inspiration to change comes differently to each of us. As we go through life, whether we encounter change through separation, illness, loss, or initiate change starting a new job, a new career, a new relationship, psychotherapy becomes most useful by bringing an understanding to the process of change.

The key point is that you are the person who knows best; you have the tools and the answers to work through your life’s issues. A therapist simply assists you in navigating change. The Process of change happens through a heightened awareness of the interaction between body, mind and heart. When such awareness is honed, change takes root and you naturally become the positive change.

Be the change you want in the world    –Gandhi