How to Move through Doubt

Although doubt may be useful to question our experience, it may seize the mind and make it hard for us to stay focused. We may lose confidence in what we are doing. We may get confused and even become depressed. We may find ourselves trapped and stuck, unable to imagine any creative way out of our situation. When doubt arises we can begin to look at how our thoughts and stories disempower us—we don’t have to believe everything we think and feel!

Mindfulness practice can help us notice how we recreate negative memories and habitual reactions, accept them as moment-to-moment experiences, and allow them to be as they are—let them come and let them go. Using the breath to bring ourselves back into the freshness of the present moment, we learn about our own process, so that we are better equipped not to let doubt get in the way.

As we notice we touch into our natural awake state of being that is the only place we will ever find lasting peace and joy and the way through any doubt we are experiencing. The natural rewards of being in the moment encourage us to spend more of our time in the now and many people find they are able to do this.