Uncovering Habitual Patterns

Have we ever noticed how our lives are driven by undesirable habitual patterns? How we react, attack, and become defensive? How we get hooked by these habits? These patterns keep going all the time and cause destruction everywhere.
Through mindfulness practice we can learn to recognize our habitual patterns, discover how they affect us and those around us and learn to work with them.
Here an example in Pema Chodron’s words:

We could think of this whole process in terms of four R’s: recognizing the shenpa [habitual reaction], refraining from scratching, relaxing into the underlying urge to scratch and then resolving to continue to interrupt our habitual patterns like this for the rest of our lives. What do you do when you don’t do the habitual thing? You’re left with your urge. That’s how you become more in touch with the craving and the wanting to move away. You learn to relax with it. Then you resolve to keep practicing this way.

By accepting our undesirable habitual patterns, learn to gently and skillfully work with them, we soften, we gain confidence in our wisdom. Our negative habitual patterns turn from compost to fertile ground where we can plant new seeds.