Riding Emotions

Emotions are powerful and can push us over the edge. When we struggle with our emotions by trying to gain some control “they can take us on a nice roller-coaster ride […] quite high where the view is very beautiful—then when we suddenly fall downward we start screaming. But the ride’s not over. It turns us upside down and rolls us around before going up high again. […] But when we get trapped again and again by our compulsive and neurotic emotional patterns, we just keep on screaming” (Ponlop, 2010).

By slowing down we can take a look at emotions with mindfulness and interrupt their momentum. We learn to fully experience the emotional energy—simply breathing in and out during the roller-coaster ride—and this creates a sense of trust in the process.

We can ride the energy of emotions and connect to this powerful force that is part of our creative potential. Working with emotions in this way brings about clarity, joy and peace.