Making Wise Choices

Making wise choices is not a simple matter as we are so influenced by our environment. Are we using our analytical mind, reacting to the external world and looking outside ourselves for fulfillment? Or are we making choices based upon a still and peaceful mind?

The tranquility of our life may be obscured by the continual demands made by our mind as it seeks to have its needs and desire fulfilled. Although we may work hard to accomplish our goals to make wise choices we need to consider our intention. What is our intention behind the choices we make?

When facing a choice first we can take a deep breath; then take a look at the state of our mind. Is the mind anxious, irritated, angry, or is the mind calm, loving, generous? The state in which we make decisions is generally reflected in the outcome. By paying attention to our intention and our state of mind we can make wise choices that reflect respect for others, the environment and ourselves.